Wayne Tigges ​(Bass-Baritone)

Music is the

      universal language...

"As the villain-you-love-to-hate, Wayne Tigges had the uncompromising acting chops, and the menace in his blistering baritonal delivery to make the evil husband/father a force of nature. He is a sizable, steady, even instrument that would be an asset to many a dramatic opera that requires, heroic, stentorian singing."     

 (Dolores Claiborne world premiere at San Francisco Opera)    

                                                             OPERA TODAY​     

Mr. Tigges takes on his fourth production of Deadman Walking at Atlanta Opera...Performances are Feb 2,5,8, and 1oth

Upcoming engagements include Michigan Opera Theater, San Francisco Opera, Opera Santa Barbara, Opera Theater St. Louis, and Atlanta Opera, Chicago Lyric Opera, and more to come......